Flip Bildung - Ideen für die Bildungswende (German Edition)

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It will however still stop accepting new users at the end of August. Currently each Home Assistant user is required to create their own developer account to configure their Nest integration.

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We will reach out to Nest to see if we can become a partner so that users joining Home Assistant after August can still use Nest. This means that in a little over three months, you will no longer be able to get your own data, that Google has collected in your home, and use it like you see fit.

Whose nest is it, anyway? | A retired guy's passage to who-knows-where

Notice posted on the Nest developer website. However, and this is crucial: the Google Assistant ecosystem is a one way street. You can put data in, but you can never get data out. As the mother of millennial children, torn between wanting them to live at home again and wanting to help them prosper in the new world order, I found the case studies in Whose Couch Is It Anyway refreshingly authentic.

Lichtman and Goldberg offer insight into the universal condition of parenthood and provide practical solutions for how to move forward with purpose. This valuable book is full of warmth, insight, and helpful advice on managing the inevitable stressors that arise when adult children move back home. Whose Couch Is It Anyway?

8 Tips for “Empty Nesters” to Prepare for a College Kid’s Return Home

Moving your Millennial is a clear, fast read with lots of good practical information. Great for individuals whose adult kids are moving home, but also an excellent source of case studies for teaching professional courses. This important book addresses a key inter-generational issue with wisdom, common sense, and compassion…a must-read for anybody who longs to put their individual issues into larger societal, generational and psychological context and be gently and efficiently guided to practical, proven solutions.

In the stories of five families challenged by their Millennials, this is counseling at its best: smart, empathic, and supportive. We learn how to help our kids but also ourselves — and at home with a cup of coffee for just the cost of a book.

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Goldberg and Lichtman balance empathy with reality and listening with suggesting. This is a wise book for any woman dealing with family transition issues. The case studies of Whose Couch Is It Anyway open windows on the inner workings of five families navigating the gulf between generations. This is a powerful and much-needed book to keep as both reference and reminder of how—with hard personal work, introspection and reflection—families can change.