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The following year was more of the same, suggesting that he's a capable host who won't light up the room but won't really let you down either.

King Rolen's Kin: King Breaker

Ellen DeGeneres , Never a thrilling presence on the Oscar stage, DeGeneres is nonetheless a reliable one who can be counted on to deliver moments like her Oscar selfie. Whoopi Goldberg , , , Billy Crystal , , , , Hugh Jackman When it seemed as if the standup-comic-as-Oscar-host tradition was becoming awfully tired, producers Bill Condon and Lawrence Mark brought in a singing, dancing, charismatic movie star to show what a new kind of host could do.

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Reason enough to spread word about this series. Writing a review about a book that you really loved is always so much harder than writing a review about a book where there were several aspects that you can pinpoint that were flawed in your eyes. The story is written from different points of view, all of them children of King Rolen of Rolencia. We have Byren, who has a twin brother Lence. Not that Byren minds. Byren is what you can call the big guy with the heart of gold.

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His brother Lence and him are normally very close, but their characters are nevertheless very different. Throughout the book a rift grows between the two brothers. Daniells brought that across extremely well and also very gradually. Seventeen-year old Fyn is another of the Kingsons. He grew up in the Abbey of the monks of Halcyon, the God that represents Spring, Summer, Earth, Growth,… He was obliged to join the Abbey or be expelled because at a young age they found out that he had Affinity.

Fyn was one of my favourite characters, because of his huge heart and the way he grew so much during the book. The Fyn we meet at the beginning of the book is very different from the Fyn at the end.

The story really starts when Illien Cobalt arrives in Rolenhold claiming that his father and bride were murdered by Utland warriors, savages, who stole all the jewels he was coming to gift his father to reconcile after a yearlong feud. Had Spurnan been legitimate, he would have been king instead of Rolen. Illien has a lot of charisma and hits it off with Lence almost right away. And the closer Lence and Illien get, the further Byren and Lence grow apart.

A story right up my alley.

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I got sucked into the world of King Rolen and Rolencia, with its mighty and imaginative Affinity beasts, its wintery landscape and the threat of war heavy in the air. It has enough action, magic, twists and revelations to keep any reader satisfied.

Daniells writing is very good and succeeds in pulling you in almost right away. She also successfully incorporated a LGBT theme, that reflects our current society somewhat, though it is worse in Rolencia. This is an Epic Fantasy tale that every fan should read in my opinion and it has solidly earned its spot on my top shelf. Mar 5. New month, new series!

All we have heard is that we were the victims, caught between the Communists and the Nazis. For me, changing the narrative has changed my very identity. I have had to come to terms that I am the granddaughter of a perpetrator who has had his crimes covered up by the Lithuanian government. I will not participate in insulting the Holocaust victims further by tolerating lies about my grandfather and his horrific actions.

Deliberately distorting history brings added shame to Lithuania.

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