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Accompanying him to the burial is Betty Brant who offers Peter her condolences. She feels terrible for acting jealous the time that Sally showed up at the office and flirted with him. Peter tells her that it doesn't matter anymore.

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After the service, Peter and Betty are leaving when he overhears a radio report about the Black Knight has barricaded himself and Elen Stragosz on the top floor of the Chrysler Building. Peter tells Betty that he needs to get there to take photos. Overhearing this, Flash Thompson loses his temper with Peter.

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Having learned from Jason that Sally was Bluebird, he tells Peter that she was the real hero, something that Peter never is. Liz tries to apologize for what Flash has said, but Peter tells her not to bother because he feels the same way. Changing into Spider-Man, Peter then travels to the Chrysler Building where he uses stealth to locate the princess and lowers her down to the authorities below. Going back into the building and confronting the Black Knight and his minions, Spider-Man allows his anger to come out.

Seeing the wall-crawler trouncing his men prompts the Black Knight to flee in fear on his winged horse. His employer, watching this on a video screen, tells the Knight to deal with this and that he will contact him later.

In a panic, the Knight unleashes a barrage of weapons from his high-tech javelin. Spider-Man easily evades these attacks and kicks the Black Knight off his horse. The villain begins to fall toward the ground, but Spider-Man catches him in a web net. With his foe helpless, Spider-Man then begins savagely beating the Black Knight for his part in Sally's death. That's when the Human Torch arrived on the scene.

Seeing that Spider-Man is going too far and could kill the Knight, the Torch uses his flame powers to restrain Spider-Man. That's when the walls around them suddenly collapse, burying Spider-Man and the Torch in piles of bricks. Once the pair dug themselves free from the rubble, the Black Knight was long gone. At first, Spider-Man blames the Torch for this happening but realizes that it was likely the work of the man who hired the Black Knight.

Spider-Man concludes his story by beating himself up over letting Sally die and the Black Knight get away. The wall-crawler admits that he is angry with himself, having come to the conclusion that if he hadn't stopped Sally from being Bluebird she'd still be alive today. The Torch doesn't think so, pointing out that she could have easily been killed fighting the Black Knight, or in a number of other ways that the web-head would have been equally unable to stop.

He points out that while he stopped Sally from doing something dangerous by being Bluebird, he isn't responsible for what happened later.

Batman: Tales of the Man-Bat

On top of that, Spider-Man still saved someone and is still a hero. When the wall-crawler still doubts this, the Torch tells him to ask the Archduke and his daughter about that. Spider-Man gets the point the Torch is making, but when Johnny Storm flies away, the wall-crawler admits to himself that it will take a very long time before he will allow himself to believe it. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Untold Tales of Spider-Man Vol 1 Bob Harras. Cover Artist. Pat Olliffe.

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Kurt Busiek. Al Vey Pam Eklund. Steve Mattsson. Richard Starkings Comicraft.

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