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We got lots of compliments on the organization of this action but it never would have happened without the stalwart help of several volunteers. We had more than enough people to carry the 47 bags of Soul Boxes and participants ranged in age from 11 to High school students signed on and proudly carried our new Soul Box banner. Well done, everyone!

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It takes a Village, and then a Nation So far the vast majority of the Soul Box count has come from Portland where the word has has been passed from friend to friend, to churches, to schools to community. We know this can happen all over the nation, and when it does we need to be ready to move forward. This date will coincidentally be the day after the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting, which will bring focus to the press coverage of this one-day exhibit.

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As we move forward funding becomes more important. We have gone beyond the basics of website, PO Box rental, paper, etc. All tangible donations can be tax-deductible.

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It feels right that the rest of the fee is used to help other projects find a voice through artistic expression. Another one of his paintings, the last commissioned portrait of Michael Jackson, is currently on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Although museums do seem to be making an effort to collect more work by black artists, the system is still clearly flawed. Regardless of the medium or subject matter, black art is almost always treated as a commentary on race.

Revealing Art: Why Art Matters

True progress will be achieved when work by black artists are collected based on the same criteria as their mainstream white counterparts instead of being judged as having an inherent racial bias. It is up to modern day art collectors, curators, and art historians to change the perspective. Follow them on social media to keep up to date with their progress and go to their shows so you can ask them about their process and motivations. Another great way to get involved is to buy black art. Something as simple as showing an interest can be the motivation an artist needs to keep pushing and breaking barriers.

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    Like what you're reading? While sympathetic to this approach, I discuss various problems with it. Firstly, are these truths verbally explicable, or only communicable through the artwork itself? Secondly, if its truthfulness is the reason why we value painting, can this criterion track our intuitive judgements about relative artistic merit?

    Thirdly, can the truthfulness of painting be a reason for valuing it if that truth is divorced from its traditional association with Beauty and Goodness?

    I suggest ways in which the first and second problems could in principle be solved, but argue in response to the third that truth must indeed be seen in the context of other values if it is to explain why painting matters. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere.

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