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Understanding the system itself as contributing to the discriminatory problem, like the overcrowded prison population in Plata or the segregated schools in Swann , explains the need to target the system for a remedy. Understanding feminist theories of power—either as gaining women access to that power resource or in ending its patriarchal domination over women—clarifies why the power structure is part of the causal nexus of the harm that is appropriately included with judicial prophylaxis.

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Moreover, a quota, like other prophylactic measures, is pragmatically easy. A second legal question regarding the validity of gender quotas is whether ordering such gender-specific relief would violate constitutional parameters of equal protection as seen in the affirmative action cases. One key distinction between gender and race quotas is that the constitutional standards for sex discrimination have been distinguished from those for race.

What the intermediate standard of constitutional scrutiny might mean in the quota context is that sex-based action might be more tolerable than race-based action. This important objective of reversing gendered and discriminatory systems by mandating shared parity of power differentiates the case of gender quotas from the women-only policy struck down in Mississippi University for Women v. Where affirmative remediation is the legitimate objective, the Supreme Court has upheld quota-like gender preferences.

In Johnson v.

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Transportation Agency , the Court upheld an affirmative action plan of a county employer granting promotion preference to a woman against challenge under Title VII. Taking these cases together, the Court has shown a willingness to consider quotas in the gender context. While it has not had the question presented directly, the Court has at least not closed the door to gender parity.

Instead, as in any heightened constitutional scrutiny, it demands close and careful application of the constitutional standards to ensure that gender preferences are not mere pretexts nor avenues for future discrimination. Prime Minister Trudeau continues to use his international platform to advocate for embracing feminism to effectuate change in politics and business for gender equality. Gender quotas offer a pragmatic way to quickly achieve what centuries of activism and decades of individualized action have not.

Such a quota offers an objective mechanism to bring about the parity necessary for permanent eradication of longstanding sex discrimination by eliminating the dominance of biased leaders and instituting shared governance through symbolic and fair representation. These percentage requirements would likely be sustained against constitutional challenge, as this essay has argued, when analyzed under the existing precedent of prophylactic remedies and intermediate scrutiny and viewed as remedying entrenched gender bias, sex discrimination, and inequality.

Joining with other global initiatives, gender quotas offer a new promise in an old fight for tangible movement toward equality. Post Apr. For a discussion of systemic discrimination in U. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. Croson Co. Klutznick, U. Seattle School Dist. Bollinger, U.

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Pena, U. Bar Assoc. Post Dec. United Parcel Serv. Lynch, No. Brown Univ. Reform 13, 46—49 JD Blog Apr. University of Texas at Austin, S. Virginia, U. Guerra, U. Madison, 5 U. Dukes, U. Times Mar. Manhart, U. Moody, U. Stanchi et al. Bitzer, U. Kolstad v. American Dental Assoc.

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Law , providing comprehensive overview of recent studies on board gender diversity and corporate performance ; Suk, supra note 10 examining gender quotas abroad ; Alstott, supra note 26 analyzing corporate gender quotas in the context of U. Ethics , —51 finding that greater gender diversity on boards increased firm values in Spain.

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We must be honest about the depth of the problem in order to unloose the structural barriers that contribute to it. Ethics 61, 64 arguing women improve performance because they are more cautious in their decision-making. Boyd et al. Blog Nov. Fisher v. Post Mar. Davis L.

Somani, supra note 66, at Workplace , 24 J. Justice 37, 38 Board of Education, U. Thomas, Switching to Prophylactic Injunctions , 90 Tex. Plata, U. Thomas et al. Bakke, U. Not all countries agreed, as courts in France struck down gender quotas as a remedy for past sex discrimination.

Gender Soc. Boren, U.

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Richardson, U. Immigration and Naturalization Serv. Superior Court of Sonoma County, U. The Court did opine that the proper quota proportion might not be the total number of women in the labor force, but rather the proportion of women qualified for the position in the labor force. This reflects a solely remedial, rather than systemic understanding of the scope of the sex discrimination problem. Hogan, US , —30 Tracy A.

The Care Act puts in place a new framework for adult safeguarding and includes measures to guard against provider failure to ensure this is managed without disruption to services. Chapters 14 Safeguarding , and 5 Managing provider failure set this out in more detail. Local authorities should make arrangements to have a qualified and registered social work professional practice lead in place to:. The principal social worker should also be visible across the organisation, from elected members and senior management, through to frontline social workers, people who use services and carers. Local authorities should therefore ensure that the role is located where it can have the most impact and profile.

This can take several different forms, including direct casework, co-working, undertaking practice development sessions, mentoring. This represents a fundamental shift in social work practice in relation to safeguarding, with a focus on the person not the process.