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But there is a further challenge here, especially for progressive-minded men and women.

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How does that sound, particularly to a second-wave feminist worldview? They are not , by nature, territorially aggressive and do not impose their political claims on others. They are not , by nature, competitive but are passionately interested in sharing with others. They are not interested in conquering nature but are interested in harmonious living with all of nature. They are not interested in denying bodiliness and carnality but are passionately involved in celebrating all aspects of human sexuality. On the one hand, it provides a mechanism to enable more men back into the spiritual domain, easing the anxiety of those who believe there are not enough men in the church.

However, keep in mind that if those anxious men have a problem with this suggestion, their concern is exposed as not being about the number of men in the church, rather the absence of power that a conspiratorial masculinity wields within the church. And on the other hand, it rejects the claim of the conspiracy that masculinity is defined in a particular way, enabling men and, indeed, women of a masculine orientation to choose whichever values happen to fit their character and spiritual worldview.

Spirituality and I use the term as a shorthand to include both orthodox organized religions and the spectrum of unorthodox alternatives is at once a prime site of regulation by the conspiracy and liberation from the conspiracy. Yet what else is more appropriate when we are seeking solutions to liberate ourselves from conspiratorial constructions of masculine and feminine than a domain that is simultaneously inherent in but also points beyond constructions of self-identity? Spirituality, at the very least, provides an extraordinary thinking space for how the self might look.

Most people know, for example, that when they refer to God in a traditional bearded-man-on-a-throne way, that image is not literal, rather something that stands in for God, a concept that is far more complex and which may even extend beyond the limits of language and human understanding into the ineffable that which cannot be articulated.

Spirituality, then, is a domain in which we are already used to taking what we know, recognizing its limitations, and then striving to think beyond them.

1. Introduction

We can employ this same process with gender. I genuinely find the more time I spend with this subject, the more I hit a wall of language and meaning about what gender is all about. Yes, I can identify clearly enough how it is constructed, regulated and even how it should be liberated. But it is a far more elusive task to identify what is real , and what is just some made up consensus, like the value of tulip bulbs in seventeenth century Holland.

Spirituality, then, provides us with a useful way of thinking about the self at the edge of meaning, peering into what may be real or what may be fantasy, but with the knowledge that the eventual answer to this conundrum is less important than the journey, the process of questioning, and the continually unfolding revelations that result. Chapters 1 to 6 of the book were reprinted in the October , November , December , January , February , and March issues, respectively. Chapter 8 in the May issue. The list of references below is included with each chapter. To visit the book's web site and access the original online version, click here.

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