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You think you're hard? I'm gonna eat the chard right out your yard My enemies cower when they feel the power That I gain when I devour a cauliflower I, I like vegetables I, I like vegetables Oh! I, I like vegetables I, I like vegetables I can eat a billion turnips! Let me hear you shout, let me hear you shout I'm gonna get crazy on a brussel sprout We're gonna get crazy on a brussel sprout We're gonna get crazy on a brussel sprout Yeah! I, I like vegetables You gotta rock that cabbage! I, I like vegetables Come on! I was unhappy with my weight so I decided to change my diet and gym routine.

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It took a while to get the balance right as it can be expensive. To try to get more vegetables and fruit in your diet I would say prepare your meals in advance if you can. I prepare all my food for the week on Sunday. Also if you are having pasta, have a salad with it.

Or eat an apple with breakfast. Another way to get enough good stuff in is by making smoothies.

I feel great for it. I have always eaten a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Eat Vegetables Like Michael!

In an average day I have a banana and blueberries in my porridge, an apple or pear and nuts as a snack. Then lunch is a salad of mixed coloured lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc and either chicken breast or salmon.

Unpopular Opinion: I Love Vegetables

I will snack on an apple afterwards. Late afternoon I have some nuts and dried fruits cranberries or maybe some strawberries in season. Then for dinner I eat meat and broccoli and carrots, or kale and carrots, followed by melon and orange cut up as a fruit salad. I make that about 10 portions. My weakness is cake and chocolate so my diet is liberally sprinkled with these plus spoonfuls of peanut butter and honey. Fruit tends to come in convenient meal-size portions ready-made a pear, apple, banana etc. If I have a bad day eating with loads of bread, cakes and sweets I feel horrible mentally and physically.

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I still do it though sometimes. My mother was a terrific cook, and coming from the Andhra region of India, we ate three- to four-course meals, each with a different type of vegetable dish. Every celebration included multiple courses. When I got married, I was introduced to a whole new cuisine, also vegetarian, from Palghat [a city in southern India]. Breakfast for me is usually chapati or toast with a leftover veggie dish, like curried cauliflower.

I snack on almonds and fruit. I go a bit fruit crazy, sometimes eating an entire bunch of grapes. Lunch is usually a big bowl of fruit and vegetables in a salad and then dinner will be chapati or rice and maybe eggplant or another vegetable dish. I feel healthy and energetic, and attribute my good skin and hair to eating lots of fruit and vegetables. My advice is always cook at home, buy fresh produce every week daily is hard for most of us working shifts.

We cook together as a family and friends and it makes it more fun. There are lots of resources for vegetarian cooking, which have exploded in the last decade.

I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Variety is important so improvise from as many cuisines as possible Italian, Chinese, Mexican, all south Asian and east Asian. Improvise and it is OK to fail, scrape off the burnt broccoli and move on. I get 10 portions a day. I have to work to a tight budget but also cooking is something I enjoy and take pride in. I cook our evening meals myself and while I enjoy trying out recipes I mostly cook standard stuff, such as spaghetti bolognese or stews.

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I add a variety of vegetables to every meal both to add flavour but also to add bulk and nutrients cheaply. My spaghetti bolognese recipe, for instance, includes chopped onion, garlic, a red pepper and a tin of tomatoes.

Also maybe a stick of celery, carrot or a handful of mushrooms chopped and sweated with the onion to start with. I do the same sort of thing with my stews and curries. I add in a bit of whatever vegetable I have to hand. I use my slow cooker a lot and that means the vegetable cooks down nicely to become part of a delicious sauce.

A couple of sweet potatoes added to anything like that are delicious. The key to getting it done is to not see it as a chore or a big thing.