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Unfortunately for the fantasy, the number of authors who will fill bookstores, let alone stadiums, has become very small.

The Frustrated Writer’s Journey

Decide who will read your book — find your community. Segment that audience as specifically as you can.

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Figure out what your community does — connect with those activities. Marketing and selling a book is a long-distance run, not a sprint. What are the best ways to crank out a book-length manuscript? And once you have, what about publishing it? What does that terrain look like? A publisher was an editor who found authors and books and actually worked with the author to make them great — and then figured out how to sell them. You need a new finish line.

4 steps to getting a book published

How do you get there? You need to already have a loyal — even fanatical — following to fill a house for a book reading or talk. He held forth for a half-hour or so, and then took questions, and he was just as funny and clever as I expected the author of those books to be. And again, the number of authors who generate that kind of excitement are few. Word of mouth is too chancy. How do you get your book the hearing — or viewing — it deserves? There are some exceptions, but most authors think that everyone in the world will want to read their book. Get over that, and focus on who really will read your book.

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If your book is about careers after college, you might target college seniors. If your book is about the conflicts between Armenians and Turks, you might target the Diaspora in the US.

How to Publish a Book and Sell Your First 1,000 Copies

If your book is about new trends in IT, you might target heads of IT departments at major corporations. And so on. The point is to figure out who actually will read your book. Next you want to see what those people do, where they do it, what they read, how they read it, what their biggest celebrations are, and so on. How can you connect with them? At the end of each month, you receive the profit from your sales with check or paypal, provided you meet the minimum payment threshold.

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Make Your Book. Step 2: Create your listing Choose a book from your dashboard, and click 'Sell my book'. Set Up In Dashboard.

Step 4: Promote your book Embed a preview on your blog, then share your book on social media with a comment about how to buy it. Promote Your Book Use Readymag to create an online hub for book marketing. Volume Printing copies or more can qualify for luxe custom finishing touches. Hire an Expert Our Dream Team can help with book design, illustration, editing, and more.

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