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Sentences may be very repetitive in these exercises, but the use of compound and complex sentences are too advanced for students at this stage in the learning process. Only after students gain confidence through a number of simple exercises will they be able to move on to more complicated tasks, such as joining elements with a conjunction to make a compound subject or verb. Then they will graduate to using short compound sentences and adding short introductory phrases.

Use only simple verbs such as "live," "go," "work," "play," "speak," and "like" as well as set phrases with the verb "to be.

After students have learned basic factual descriptions, move on to describing people. In this case, help students by writing out descriptive vocabulary in categories. For example:. Then, write out verbs on the board.


Ask the students to use words from the categories in conjunction with the verbs to teach students how to formulate simple descriptive sentences. Through this, teach students to use "be" with adjectives describing physical appearance and personality traits.

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Teach them to use "have" with physical attributes long hair, big eyes, etc. Ask students to write about one person, using the verbs and vocabulary presented in both exercises. As you check the students' work, make sure that they are writing simple sentences and not stringing too many attributes together. In this case, simplicity prevents confusion. Continue working on writing skills by asking students to describe objects.

Writing for the ELL Classroom

Use the following categories to help students classify words to use in their writing:. I moved twenty years ago, to the United States from India.

Writing Lessons : How to Teach Writing Skills to ESL Students

As an immigrant, I understand the struggles of moving to a new country and adjusting to an alien culture and language. However, not all ELLs are immigrants.

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A majority of ELLs were born here and are American citizens. I am fluent in Hindi and Tamil, two Indian languages, besides English.

9 ESL Games to Make English Learning Fun and Effective

Two years ago, our school district shifted the ELL instruction to the whole group, co-teach model from the pull-out, small group ELL instruction we did for many years. Sign up to receive emails about new posts, free resources, and advice from educators. Skip to content. Tools and Resources. About the topic Discover new tools and materials to integrate into you instruction. See all posts. Materials Adaptation. About the topic Find instructions and recommendations on how to adapt your existing materials to better align to college- and career-ready standards.

Standards-Alignment Information. About the topic Learn what it means for instructional materials and assessment to be aligned to college- and career-ready standards. Research and Reflections. About the topic Delve into new research and perspectives on instructional materials and practice. Search for:. About the topic Explore classroom guidance, techniques, and activities to help you meet the needs of ALL students. What are Learning Objectives? There are two important and distinct Objectives: Content Objectives Language Objectives Content Objectives identify what students should know and be able to do at the end of the lesson.

Here are some questions that could help you develop language objectives: What language forms or structure are students struggling with? What language functions do they need to access content learning? What gaps most need to be filled? What will increase their fluency? To improve instruction for the large and rapidly growing population of adolescents and adults who will learn English through adult literacy programs and classes in the United States, future research should:. Stronger links to informal learning would encourage the extended practice required to develop fluency in reading and writing; and.

More than an estimated 90 million adults in the United States lack the literacy skills needed for fully productive and secure lives. The effects of this shortfall are many: Adults with low literacy have lower rates of participation in the labor force and lower earnings when they do have jobs, for example.

They are less able to understand and use health information. And they are less likely to read to their children, which may slow their children's own literacy development. At the request of the U. Department of Education, the National Research Council convened a committee of experts from many disciplines to synthesize research on literacy and learning in order to improve instruction for those served in adult education in the U.

Teaching Writing to Beginning ESL Students

The committee's report, Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Options for Practice and Research, recommends a program of research and innovation to gain a better understanding of adult literacy learners, improve instruction, and create the supports adults need for learning and achievement. Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Developing Reading and Writing , which is based on the report, presents an overview of what is known about how literacy develops the component skills of reading and writing, and the practices that are effective for developing them.

It also describes principles of reading and writing instruction that can guide those who design and administer programs or courses to improve adult literacy skills. Although this is not intended as a "how to" manual for instructors, teachers may also find the information presented here to be helpful as they plan and deliver instruction. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.

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