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A History of Burford - Exploring the Cotswolds

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The building was started in the 12th century and was improved and enlarged over the next years. Also fascinating is an ancient carving, dating to around AD and possibly showing the Romano-Celtic goddess Epona. This local museum has a small but interesting collection on the history of the town, covering government, trade, culture, guilds and industry. This is combined with an array of seals and ceremonial maces, as well as tools for local trades like quarrying, rope-making and brewing.

One building that looks at odds with the otherwise chocolate box townscape of the High Street is the refined Baroque mansion, now a Methodist church, at No.

The Lamb Inn

Baroque residential architecture was only in fashion in England for a brief period at the start of the 18th century, and is rarely seen in a small, rural town like Burford. Commissioned in by the local lawyer, John Jordan, this townhouse is very grand, with six fluted Corinthian pilasters on its facade, framing a pedimented door, below a cornice and balustrade.

In the house was turned into a Methodist church, when the top two floors were gutted, creating one large hall with gallery. Loved by dog walkers and families with children, Kilkenny Lane Country Park is a long, rectangular parcel of nature and parkland just minutes south-east of Burford. The park also has a willow maze and 2.

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Downstream on the River Windrush is the deserted Medieval village of Widford, the last remainder of which is a tiny church bursting with history. Firstly the Church of St Oswald was built over the bathhouse of a Roman villa in the early Medieval period, and there used to be a section of mosaic in the chancel until this was moved to the Roman museum in Cirencester.

The current building goes back to the s, but has vestiges from an earlier Anglo-Saxon or Norman building in the font and a chevroned corbel.

Restoration work at the turn of the 20th century uncovered beautiful 13th and 14th-century wall paintings. Also next to the River Windrush in a very picturesque setting are the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall, an imposing 15th-century manor house.

Abandoned in , the buildings were on three sides of a courtyard, and impressive fragments remain like the south-west tower and the metre high walls of the Great Hall to the north-east. In the ground you can make out the footprint of a stable, well and the large hearth fire of the kitchen. The history of this terrace swooping down to the River Coln on Awkward Hill goes back to the 14th century when there was a monastic wool store here. The cloth made at these cottages would then be sent to be degreased at Arlington Mill, which is still standing just around the corner.

Emperor Hirohito stayed at Bibury during his European tour, and the village has been on the radar of Japanese visitors ever since. Dutton was a gregarious gambling man who loved entertaining, and Lodge Park was set at the finish line of a deer course. Deer, kept in a park, would be chased by hounds along a mile-long enclosure, and people would bet on which dog reach the finish line first. There was a kill at the end if the wagers were large, but the deer would be saved on smaller bets.

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