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Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones, book 3) by Helen Fielding

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

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She must handle it all alone, if we are to believe the spoilers, without Mark. For the next odd pages all the usual Bridget chatter about her boy toy, and bumbling about as a single mother, without one mention of Mark. I quite think if I had not heard Fielding had killed off Mark prior to this reading, I would have been Googling to see if I had missed a Book 3 and was, in fact, reading Book 4. And then on page 26, there it was:. Thursday 12 July , lbs, pounds lost 20, pages of screenplay written 10, Twitter followers 0.

The Dalai Lama and I are one cyber-mind. I am shedding my fat like a snake. So this is Bridget a decade and a half later. Widowed, year-old, cheeky single mother of two small children, attempting to write a screenplay and still struggling with how she fits into the world—a tech-savvy world. Well, actually it is the middle. Yet, she is determined to find her new normal.

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And just like that, she decides to get back out there. After all, it has been four and a half years since she has even kissed a man. But, like most times when you are trying something new, or rather something you have done before but not in a very, long time, and trying to be 30, when you are in fact 51, events do not always turn out as you hoped. Do we just look like an ensemble of elderly transvestites?

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However, Bridget does find love and affection via Twitter. Yes, puleez. Bridget-style, of course. The air was heavy with jasmine, roses. I breathed unsteadily. It felt as though we were being drawn together by the moon. He reached out, like I was a child, or a Bambi or something, and touched my hair. So, let me be the one to say, although I loved Bridget with Mark Darcy, her grounded, stabilizing life-force, her Yin to his Yang , I do accept that horrible, tragic things do happen in real life. Fielding took a brave leap others might say foolish in killing this beloved character off.

Believe me. Those first 26 hours after I learned of his death I was as dazed as Jones in a vodka induced stupor. Fielding could have played it safe. But where would she have gone with that? Everyday real-life women get up, face the day, and soldier on. If our Bridget can do it… you can too. Stay calm and carry on without Mark Darcy. Mad About the Boy is a delicious, boisterous, raucous triumph championing a re-awakening of life. Read the book.

Cover image courtesy of Alfred A. Still, when I heard she killed off Mark Darcy, I was aghast. But as you say, terrible things do happen in real life and it was a bold move for Fielding to represent that when the character is so beloved. Like Like.

Thank you— the whole time reading this book, knowing it was for review, I knew how I wanted to write it. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Reblogged this on aliveinfantasy and commented: So excited to read the book… : :. Like nancy , I have only seen the movies. I, too, was shocked when I heard of his untimely demise. But as you say, the story and life moves on. Loved your review! This , in itself, makes me want to read this book! I am listening to the audio right now and really enjoying it. The actress Samantha Bond is the narrator and she does an excellent job with very challenging text.

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Great review Christina of a difficult subject. I am glad that you were able to get past the death of Mark Darcy R. P and so did Bridget. One never really gets over these tragedies in life, but we carry on and try to find a bit off love and happiness afterward. I think Fielding handled it beautifully. It is uplifting and inspiring.


Bridget Jones

Never thought I would equate that with BJ. Like Liked by 1 person. However by the end of this review endeavor and all the formatting troubles that you fixed for me Laurel Ann, I felt like Bridget and I were tech kindred spirits. And because of that little bonding, I forgive her nitwit antics.

Trapped in the car today so I was listening to Perduasion and mulling over my review.