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Book III of the American Apocalype saga was a much anticipated release around my house, and I was very pleased with the result. Nova has really found his "voice" in Gardener, and unlike some of the reviewers, I have enjoyed the elements of a new mythology developing in the series. This is hard for even very experienced authors to do mixing realistic apocalypse fiction with the supernatural as can be seen in the S. Sterling "Authur" series that has devolved from an intriguing tale into a hot mess.

So far, Nova has managed to carry it off well. I look forward to seeing how Gardener, Max and Night continue their migration. The writing was crisp, the story moved quickly, and I really enjoyed the reappearance of some old friends as well as felt the loss for the passing of others introduced in the previous books. This has no impact on my rating of the book, but I am annoyed by Nova's insistence on sticking with his blog handle rather than publish under his own name.

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I nearly passed on the first book simply because the one word name looked odd. When the new editions came out, I would have advised Nova to use his real name with Nova in the middle, like John "Nova" Smith.

Climate Change Will Create Billion Migrants by and We Have No Idea Where They'll Go - VICE

Put your own name on it and be proud. This is some of the best fiction on the market these days.

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I have sent at least a dozen of my friends to pick up these books including Book III and all I hear back are raves. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have read all three of the books in the AA series.

I like the overall story-arc. But I cannot get past the addition of the pagan goddess. Her addition is so disconcerting. I think it would have been more acceptable to me if the author would have made it clear from the beginning that this series was going to have a fantasy portion. While the character of Freya is well developed and interesting, there is now no situation in which the other characters can get into out of which Freya cannot rescue them.

I think the series would have been better if the fantasy aspect would have been left out and the story focused on the humans pulling their fat out of the fire. There is still much to like about the books, hence my three star rating. The characters, the fact and that everyone does not end up happy. I will read the 4th book, but shake my head thinking what could have been. Another night losing sleep reading AA3. I'm not too crazy about the goddess stuff and think it's not anywhere as interesting as it could have been without Freya, but it is such a good read I couldn't put it down, damn it.

The writing is getting better, but not the transitions -- it again just ends. I can't wait to read AA4 -- I don't want to read it on the blog because I want to be able to jump into it and read it all at once. I think the goddess stuff bugs me so much because I'd like to think people could manage to survive and triumph without deities and I just don't see the point of including her in the plot. But maybe it will all become clear in AA4. I hope.

As I mentioned in my review of AA2, the story is so compelling I am able to ignore the WTF stuff -- too many interesting things I never would've thought of and that make me think. One person found this helpful. I hesistantly bought AA3, mostly because I was rather annoyed at the whole Freya thing. Come on, adding some supernatural norse god to a survivalist story about American collapse - wtf? AA3 makes clearer why the author did it, not because it makes sense plot wise but because without some kind of hook or mystery like that, the story is an endless repeat of looting and shooting.

It's still decent and worth a read if you liked 1 and 2, more because its decent and you like the genre, not because its that amazing. But the Freya thing just killed the series. The author should have really thought much harder about how to start a new story arc once they were on the road. Also one minor point, if the main character is using a Ruger Vaquero in. It's hard enough to find 45 Long Colt online these days, much less in stores and definitely not after the collapse of the country.

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SMall but annoying plot hole. As a fan of Apocalypse lititure, I have to rate this series as a "Must read"! Although Gardner posesses some unique skills, he seems to be just an ordinary guy that rises to the occasion, as society and the rule of law are pushed past the breaking point by economic pressures. I have read all three books so far and can't wait until "AA IV" comes out! This series of books is pretty good -- the author has definitely improved along the way. The story's good, and to a "prepper" has lessons to teach.

Unfortunately, the author has chosen to include a fantasy element to the story. I believe it was entirely unnecessary, and although it's obviously the author's right to take the story wherever he wants to, I believe this weakens the underlying premise, which is that this is something that could actually happen.

Of course, the author may not believe that, but it sure seemed as if he did. Even if I'm wrong, I feel that this element of the story just doesn't fit. I've read all three of the series to this point. Freya, the bizarre goddess doesn't add anything to an apocalyptic series except to stop me from thinking this scenario could actually happen. The Matthew Bracken series could actually happen, and I was hoping Nova could write a real group of books that had plausibility too. No such luck. Who cares if the editing is good if the story is a fairy tale?

I pontificate about lots of things on this blog. She has the soul of a social-justice warrior, but she worries that climate change will destroy civilization before we can bring about meaningful social change. I know how they feel. Climate apocalypse is like death. The larger it looms, the less I want to think about it. It is a true horror story that, paradoxically, left me feeling more hopeful about the future. Wallace-Wells limns doom with literary flair. But what makes him especially persuasive is that he came to the topic of climate change late, and reluctantly.

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He was never particularly green. Wallace-Wells demolishes these and other falsehoods with brutal facts.

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Our emissions are already wreaking havoc. Since , annual storms have doubled, coastal floods have quadrupled, life-threatening heat waves have surged fifty-fold. The melt rate of Antarctic ice has tripled just in the last decade. As many as 2.

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He emphasizes that wars exacerbate scarcity as well as vice versa. This is just one of many negative feedback effects that can compound the effects of climate change. Others include the shrinkage of the ice caps, which make the poles darker and hence more heat-absorbent; the melting of permafrost, which might release frozen methane; and the burning of forests.

Despair is understandable, given the fractious state of politics in the U. We just need the will to use them. I now see war and climate change as equally urgent.